Information Bulletin AIEEA - UG 2017-18
    8.1 Filling of Online Application Form
      Application is allowed ONLINE only. No application will be allowed on any other format and will be summarily rejected.
    1. The Choice of degree programmes for admission need not to be given. Choice of degree programmes for admission will be available at the time of online counseling based on availability of seats, and merit rank of the candidate. The Name of Examination i.e. AIEEA-UG-2017, Application number, the Examination City Centre chosen, Aadhaar Number or applicable ID proof Number and the Sex, must be quoted in all future correspondences.
    2. Online application, filled-in correctly and complete in all respects including payment of fee, should be submitted and a computer generated hard copy of the same, after downloading, should be sent through Registered/ Speed Post only so as to reach the office of Controller of Examinations (Agril. Education), ICAR, Room No. 216, Krishi Anusandhan Bhavan-II, Pusa, New Delhi 110 012, well in time but not later than the last date i.e. 15-05-2017. Any incomplete application or application received after the last date may not be considered and no claim/correspondence in this regard will be entertained. The ICAR will not be responsible for any postal delay or loss of application during transit in this regard.
    3. The candidates appearing in the final qualifying examination are also eligible to apply and can appear in this entrance examination, but they must produce documentary evidence of their acquiring eligibility on the date of admission.
    4. Candidates are not required to submit any certificates / marks sheet etc., with the Application. It is the sole responsibility of the candidates to ensure that they fulfill the specified eligibility in toto before appearing in the examination.
    5. Detailed instructions for online application may be read carefully before filling and submitting application.
    6. If any candidate has been found at any stage to have furnished wrong information or deliberately suppressed any relevant information, his/her candidature/ admission will be rejected/ cancelled as soon as it comes to the notice of either ICAR or the university concerned.
    7. Application s without Aadhaar number or 28 digit Aadhaar Enrolment ID or in case of candidates from J&K, Assam & Meghalaya, a passport number/ration card number/bank account number or any other valid Govt. identity number, shall be summarily rejected and no correspondence in this regard shall be entertained.
    8. The candidate has to visit www.icar.org.in and click the option of filling online application AIEEA-UG-2017. The candidate can download prospectus, read it carefully and then fill his/her form online.

      During filling of prescribed online form, candidate can either opt for making fee payment through Credit / Debit card or Net Banking using Payment Gateway of Canara Bank.

       A  Making payment through Credit/Debit card/Net Banking using Payment Gateway of Canara Bank
      During online filling of the form, candidate can opt for making fee payment through Credit / Debit card or Net Banking using Payment Gateway of Canara Bank. In this case, the candidate will make payment directly using a computer and will not be required to visit the bank

      Note: While filling the online form, candidate should upload soft copy of his /her clear, recent, colour photograph with name and date, thumb impression (his left/ her right hand) and signature and send its computer generated hard copy, after completing declaration in his/her own handwriting, to COE (Agril. Edn.) by post at the given address.
    8.2 Conduct of Examination
    1. Examination Hall will be opened to candidates 30 minutes before the commencement of examination.
    2. Candidate who does not posses s both e-Admit Card and A adhaar card or 28 digit Aadhaar Enrolment ID proof or in case of candidates from J&K, Assam & Meghalaya, a passport /ration card /bank account passbook or any other valid Govt. Identity card will not be admitted to the Examination Hall under any circumstances.
    3. Pre-written material in any form, viz., notes/books/ log table, and mobile phones/i-pods, tablets, calculator or any electronic device are not allowed inside the examination hall. ICAR reserves all rights to verify the identity and genuineness of each candidate by any means that is considered appropriate. For verification, candidate may be searched at any time during the examination.
    4. The examination will start strictly on time and an announcement to this effect will be made by the Invigilator.
    5. A time signal will be given ringing a long bell at the start of the examination. To indicate that one hour is remaining, or 15 minutes are remaining, short bells will be given. A signal (long bell) will also be given at the closing time for collection of OMR sheet and question booklet when the candidate must stop writing/marking the answers.
    6. Candidate coming late may be allowed to enter the examination hall up to 10.30 A.M. only but no extra time will be given. Candidate coming late beyond 30 minutes, after the commencement of the examination, will not be permitted.
    7. Fifteen minutes before the commencement of the examination, each candidate will be given OMR Answer Sheet and five minutes before, the Question Booklet.
    8. Immediately on receipt of Question Booklet, candidate should write/fill-in the required particulars on the cover page of the Question Booklet with BLACK/ BLUE BALL-POINT PEN ONLY. Candidate will not open the Question Booklet, until asked to do so by the Invigilator. After opening the Question Booklet, read the instructions given on it carefully before attempting the questions.
    9. Candidate will write required particulars on OMR answer sheet as per the instructions given therein with only BLACK / BLUE BALL-POINT PEN on SIDE-I and–II.
    10. No candidate shall be allowed to leave the Examination Hall until the completion of examination and related formalities. Candidate will hand over Question Booklet and OMR Answer Sheet to the Invigilator before leaving the Examination Hall.
    11. After completing the examination and before handing over the Question Booklet and the OMR Answer Sheet, the candidate should once again check that all the particulars required in the Question Booklet and the OMR Answer Sheet has been correctly filled-in.
    12. The OMR Answer sheet shall be scanned and evaluated through computer and the category-wise final merit list for counseling shall be prepared based on the reservation category information given by the candidate in OMR Answer sheet. It must be ensured by the candidate that Roll Number, Series of Question Booklet and Reservation Category are correctly written in the OMR Answer Sheet and also the OMR Answer Sheet is duly signed by the invigilator and the candidate at appropriate places, failing which it may not be considered for evaluation.
    13. Before leaving the Examination Hall, the candidate must ensure that OMR Answer Sheet and Question Booklet have been handed over to the invigilator on duty. In case, the candidate does not hand over the OMR Answer Sheet with Question Booklet to the invigilator and takes away the same with him/her, this shall amount to use of unfair means and the candidate will be declared failed besides inviting further necessary action.
    14. Candidates are advised to bring with them their own writing material such as hard card-board (on which nothing should be written) and their own good quality black/blue ball-point pens.
    15. Any attempt of using unfair means by the candidate during the examination process will render him/ her liable to be disqualified and his/her candidature for the examination would be forfeited.
    8.3 Checking/Changing Question Booklet: Before attempting the questions, the candidate must check Question Booklet for any defect in printing/number of pages, serial order of the questions etc., and ensure that Question Booklet given to him/her is serially numbered and contains pages as written on top of the first page. In case of any discrepancy/ defect, the candidate should immediately report to the Invigilator concerned and get the Question Booklet changed. Change of question booklet would not be permitted 30 minutes after the start of examination. The candidate shall not remove any page(s) from the Question Booklet and if any page(s) is/are found missing from his/her Question Booklet, it will be treated as use of unfair means and shall render him/her liable for action/ cancellation of candidature.

    8.4 Writing Answers on OMR Answer Sheet

    1. Candidates are advised to go through the instructions very carefully and be conversant with the requirements of filling various particulars and marking the answers so that during the examination they could do so without any difficulty.

    2. OMR Answer Sheet used in the examination will be of special type amenable to scanning through Optical Scanner. There will be two sides of the OMR Answer Sheet, Side-I, containing particulars of candidate, instructions and Side-II, containing circles/bubbles.

      Side - I (To be written with black/blue ball-point pen only)

      Item No. 1-5: Write full Name, Father’s Name, Roll Number, Examination-City-Centre Code number in item No. 1 to 4 exactly as given in the Admit Card and Question Booklet Serial Number at item No. 5.

      Item No. 7: Put your signature in full, which must match with the signature as recorded in the Application and Admit Card.

      Item No. 8: Must be signed by the invigilator.

      Side - II (Use black/blue ball-point pen only)

      Item No. 9: Fill in your roll number, writing one digit in each box and also shade/darken the corresponding circle/bubbles in the vertical columns underneath.

      Item No. 10: Fill-in the Question Booklet serial number as indicated on the Question Booklet. You may omit the leading zero, if any.

      Item No. 11: Darken the circle/bubble of Subjects to be attempted i.e. PCM, PCB, PCA, ABC.

      Item No. 12: Darken the circle/bubble corresponding to the Question Paper Series-1 or Series-2 as provided in the box at right corner of the Question Booklet.

      Item No. 13: Darken the circle/bubble for Reservation Category being claimed. Note that after evaluation of Answer Sheet, the category-wise merit-rank list would be prepared on the basis of this information only.

          SC - for Scheduled Caste

          ST - for Scheduled Tribe

          PC - for Physically Challenged

          UPS - for Under Privileged States

          OBC(NCL) - for Other Backward Classes having Central OBC certificate

          GEN - for General category


      (a) In case columns 11 &12 are left blank or filled wrongly, the candidate would expose him/her-self to the risk of evaluation under wrong subject/Series for which candidate him/her-self would be responsible. ICAR would not entertain any correspondence in this regard.

      (b) In the event of leaving column 13 of OMR Answer sheet blank or filling wrongly, the candidate would be evaluated under General Category.

      (c) It is the responsibility of the candidate to put his signature and also get the OMR Answer Sheet signed (serial No. 8) by the Invigilator which is a must for authentication and evaluation of the answer sheet.

      Item No. 14: Corresponding to every serial number of question booklet, numbering 001 to 300, there is a corresponding answer-row on the Side-II of OMR Answer sheet, comprising of four circles/bubbles for recording correct answer to the question by completely darkening the appropriate circle/bubble and these circles/bubbles are marked with options A, B, C and D. Only one of these four options is the most appropriate and correct. The candidate is required to indicate his/her answer to the question by shading/darkening the appropriate circle/bubble completely with black/ blue ball-point pen. For example, the Question No. 004 in the Question Booklet may read as follows:

      Q.No.004. The unit of velocity is:

      (A) ms-2 (B) ms-1
      (C) ms2 (D) ms

      If the correct answer to this question is (B) i.e. ms-1. The candidate will locate question No. 004 in the answer sheet and darken the circle/bubble marked (B) as shown below:

      Q.No. 004

      If the candidate does not want to attempt a question, he/she should not mark any of the circles/bubbles given against that question.
    8.5 Changing an Answer: The candidate will answer on the OMR Answer sheet by darkening the appropriate circle /bubble with black/ blue ball-point pen. The candidates will not be allowed to change the answer once marked as the computer processing will automatically discredit marking of more than one answer to a question during evaluation. Candidate must also ensure that no visible mark is left on OMR answer sheet, otherwise the answer will be treated as wrong and invite negative marking. The candidate should bring his/her own good quality black/ blue ball-point pen for the exam.

    8.6 Wrong/Incorrect Way of Marking: If more than one circle/bubble is darkened, or if the answer is marked in any manner other than the one as shown above, it shall be treated as wrong. A lightly/faintly darkened circle/bubble or otherwise marked circle/bubble will also be read by the Optical Scanner during scanning and the answer whether right or wrong shall not be the responsibility of the Council and the onus will lie on the candidate on account of incorrect way of marking. Any indicative marking or stray marks on the OMR answer sheet shall be treated as an act of unfair means and discredit the candidate during optical scanning. The candidate must also ensure that the OMR answer sheet is not folded/ wrinkled.

    8.7 Rough Work: The candidate will not do any rough work or writing work on the OMR answer sheet. Rough work, if any, must be done on the pages provided for the purpose in the Question Booklet.



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